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How we work

THK offers a phased approach to services that respects our clients’ timeline and decision-making styles.


Our initial consultation is a 30 minute conversation where we learn your personal circumstances and gain an understanding of your global asset base and what services you are looking for.  Please note that this is an exploratory call. 


The next step is the development of a high-level plan of action which we create based on our conversation with you and either the completion of our intake form, or the provision of a certain documents required. We request this data because different clients have different tax  planning scenarios , and each of these needs to be considered. 

We will generally submit this plan to you within 10 days and follow-up with a call to review the plan and its assumptions. If you choose to engage us after reviewing the plan, we will provide you with a quote for the implementation phase of the project. If however you choose not to move forward, we will invoice you for the cost of the plan which is billed for at 75% of our standard rate.


As you move forward with us, we’ll fine-tune the plan and begin its implementation, including the establishment of any corporate entities, preparation of any required documentation and review of past tax filings. Where outside or third-party services are necessary, THK Consulting will retain them on your behalf, project managing and acting as a single point-of-contact for all services.  

Once the plan is implemented, we offer on-going advisory, accounting, tax planning and taxfiling services as needed. The fee structure for engagement and advisory services is retainer-based. We will review those fees with you during our initial conversation

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