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What we do

We provide guidance, planning and management on tax and trust issues surrounding the cross border transition of assets; and access to investment opportunities in the U.S.

Preparation and planning for the successful transition of assets commences approximately 18-24 months prior to a family relocating to the US from their home country. During that time clients need to navigate a complex set of issues including tax reporting obligations, structure transition, estate planning and capital gains tax implications, among many others. THK’s consultants offer deep expertise in the navigation and management of these issues and considerations. We also assist clients with alternative investments in the US primarily in the private equity space. 


Our services include:

  • US business activities, presence set up and entity management

  • Income tax, gift tax and estate filings and advice 

  • Bookkeeping and accounting services

  • Pre and post immigration planning

  • Foreign trust, Estate and Gift Taxation

  • Co-ordination and project management

  • US Investment due diligence

  • Expatriation 

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